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Data Management Review.

Data management is the process of collecting, cleaning, analyzing and storing the data in form of pictures, numbers or wordings.They include various ways and even different persons and practices are used.They may not only consist of persons but also database systems that are used by administrators and scientists.

Here, we shall consider the different aspect of data management from analysis, storage and replications.This is important because it protects and monitors the lifecycle of the dataA lifecycle is a process from collection upto analysis to the point where it is finally used.

We will start with database internal plans, analysis and modeling.Data analysis is getting the meaning to the already collected or stored data in terms of graphing or other means.

Data quality management is another important aspect in this.Cleaning of the data is just one of the many aspects of data quality. Data cleaning can be described as the process of ensuring that the data only contains the most important aspects that have only been collected and not any other.Sometimes it involves removing numbers that are out of range or even aligning the data in order. Another point is consistency of the data which can be described as a method of ensuring the data is accurate in terms of dates and other things such as currency and the order of questions.

Data management is related to another important component called the data quality. This is known to be the aspect of ensuring that the data truly reflects the actual picture in real world. High quality data normally is in consistency with the current picture on the ground. On the other hand, low quality data normally is the opposite or do not match the situation in the real world.

Data security is ensuring that the data is highly protected in terms of security of the system and other features. This is always intended to improve the quality of data by minimizing alterations. This is done by use of various means such as use of password and instilling of other measures that minimizes accessibility to the data. Some of the applications currently place discourages modifications but allow replication or copying.

Data management practices. These are terms used to refer to the process of keeping and using the data. They work in such a manner that, there must be an administrator and the user. The administrator is the person who inputs the data and later and is in a position to do changes and alterations, while the user only uses the data and cannot be able to do any modifications.

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